NASA Finds out Existence On Drubber 3

NASA Finds out Existence On Drubber 3

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There’s great news for researchers yet others who’ve been wishing we’d uncover existence in space.

It is available on the planet known as Drubber 3, states NASA.

NASA continues to be monitoring radio transmissions out of this distant us dot within the cosmos, but after studying them carefully, the company is disturbed through the content, and thinking about censorship.

It appears Drubber 3 has show after show featuring hosts which are the intergalactic same as Howard Stern.

They curse, promote obscenity and promiscuity, and play terrible music.

Plus, they believe nothing of marketing warfare and conquest.

Regrettably, they are fully aware we exist, and they are set on directing their smut our way, NASA alerts.

Worse, that they like our women, and say they are able to really make sure they are happy, unlike earthmen, who they describe as “Wusses and wimps who care more about sports compared to being careful of economic, in your own home.Inch

Actress Susan Sarandon has provided to talk with them on the neutral planet, or in the Polo Lounge, whatever is much more convenient.

Inside a tersely phrased statement, V . P . Dick Cheney has cautioned Sarandon yet others from participating in what he terms “Mindless meddling within the matters of Condition.”

He’s extended their own invitation towards the aliens to satisfy for barbecue along with a little entertainment in a friend’s ranch in Texas.

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