Chinese Manufacturing Investment – Trouble for New China Producers

Chinese Manufacturing Investment – Trouble for New China Producers

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Foreign companies trading in China manufacturing facilities face difficult tasks in working with Chinese engineering and construction companies. Chinese construction and designs guidelines and practices are greatly not the same as individuals in the western world. Cultural variations frequently frustrate western engineers and managers trying to accomplish their new China manufacturing facilities.

Engineering design in China of the foreign invested plant needed close supervision through the proprietors to insure the final design is finished and proper. Many foreign companies think that Chinese engineering firms understand what they need and can give a design fulfilling individuals needs. Constant communication in the owner towards the Chinese engineers is essential and daily supervision and approval of the jobs are needed.

Construction following the engineering is finished is a much more demanding task to supervise. Chinese construction company organization is a lot not the same as their western countrparts using the Construcion Manager taking up a situation where he can’t be changed without dire effects. The employees live on-site and therefore are direct employees from the Construction Manager. Their loyalty is forwarded to him not the organization.

Insufficient skilled attention within the construction area has led to many low quality manufacturing plants being built-in China. Many of these will also be over budget and late leading to severe financial deficits for that proprietors. These complaints could be overcome, however, and acceptable quality, on budget, on schedule manufacturing projects are possible in China having a

proper knowledge of Chinese methodology and culture

and proper oversight through the proprietors.

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